Who Am I?

My name is Ed Murphy, I live in western Massachusetts, and I love language. Words, grammar, and etymology are personal interests. I enjoy learning other languages and reading about linguistics and language development, in both the cultural sense and the personal. I play with mnemonics, linguistic curiosities, slang, riddles, puns, crosswords, ciphers, and other forms of recreational engagement with words.

These are some statements about me:

  • I make my living from writing and editing.
  • I am concerned about proper English usage.
  • I am currently learning Spanish.
  • I am ever curious about language.
  • I confess to being sometimes fussy about features of current English usage that I find annoying.

I studied classical languages in college and graduate school, eventually earning a master’s degree in this field and a doctorate in education. My formal work life includes two years in the army, six years at a college in Connecticut, and 12 years at an educational testing company in Massachusetts. In every job, I relied on my ability to write more than on any other supposed skill.

Since 1992, I have been working as a freelance editor and technical writer. Recently, my partner Amy and I formed a professional editing company called AHEM Writing and Editing. Visit us at http://ahemwritingandediting.weebly.com.

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